Match making!!!! If you are looking to buy or sell a horse, we can help. Katherine has represented more than 25 buyers over the last several years, finding excellent matches for various needs. Using her extensive contacts in the Eventing world throughout the US and Europe, she can help you find the horse of your dreams.

One way that Beniah Lane Farm sales is unique, is that we do not operate on a commission basis when representing a buyer. As an attorney, Katherine follows the rules of professional ethics when representing a buyer. She explains, “Even though I am not providing legal advice or acting as an attorney, I still have to abide by the ethical guidelines of the legal profession in any financial transaction.” For that reason, Katherine works using an hourly rate, not on a commission basis, for any buyer representation. This means your interests always come first in any sales negotiation.

Beniah Lane Farm does have horses for sale or lease on occasion. Any current sale/lease horses will be listed here.

A long-time student with the fantastic horse that Katherine found for her.
The same pair in their first Training Level event together.